November 24, 2015

Coming up on the end of 2015, (did this year absolutely FLY BY for anyone else?!) 11:11 ACC is looking for your support! 


Over the last 3 years of being a non-profit organization serving the San Fernando Valley creative community, we've met so many wonderful people, gained some fantastic support, worked with hundreds of talented artists, hosted events & workshops, facilitated murals and curated exhibits in about 125 square miles of the SFV.


We are gear...

November 23, 2015

Over the last 3 years, 11:11 ACC has worked with about 685 artists in a number of capacities. Through our exhibits and community events, emerging and professional visual artists have been given the opportunity to display and sell their artwork and add color and vibrace to our community.   11:11 has facilitated live painting in public settings, the creation of installations in our galleries and on the streets, opportunites to display and sell their products in...

November 21, 2015

One of the guiding principles we have held near and dear to our mission has been accessibility. The main driver of the work 11:11 ACC does is ensuring that people of all ages have access to art in their neighborhood, that the importance of local fare is held high, and that artists have a place to exhibit.


Back in 2011, we partnered with the Canoga Park Improvement Association to  set up one of our traveling galleries.  We transformed 4 vacant storefronts into...

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