Valley Art Academy

Fine art instruction for students of all ages,

from the convenience of home. 

The internet is full of free instructional art videos and expensive specialty courses from entertainment industry pros. However, we haven't found an affordable online program that guides youth (10-18) between technical instruction, concept development, personal imaginative growth, and the history of art and ideas.
Our focus is to train creative thinkers because they will be the leaders of the 21st century. The Valley Art Academy helps students develop skills to lead and communicate with vision, intention, and a deep sense of humanity’s creative history, whether they choose a career in design or any other field. 

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Miles Lewis

Director and Primary Instructor
An art teacher since the age of 17, Miles has taught hundreds of students of all ages, graduating dozens of high school seniors to art schools such as OTIS, CalArts, and the School of Visual Arts in NY. While producing commissioned works and exhibiting internationally, he’s taught a wide-range of media-specific classes in encaustic, egg tempera, analog photography, and printmaking through the Camera Obscura in Santa Monica, the Annenberg Space for Photography, and the Armory in Pasadena. 


The current class time is Fridays, 3-4PM. 

Class size is limited to 10 students per class. 



Classes will meet on Zoom. Miles will send a class link about 10 minutes before each class. 



Each class includes: 

15-30 minutes of an interactive presentation on a new subject. 

20-40 minutes of an exercise that directly relates to the presentation 

5-10 minutes of critique and sharing

Homework is provided on request.

Students will always be encouraged and equipped to go as far as their skills and interest will take them. 



Monthly: $80 / 4 classes

Quarterly: $220 / 12 classes. 

Tuition is due on the first class day of each month or each quarter. 

Tuition is prorated for new students. 

Classes do not carry over from month-to-month or quarter-to-quarter. 

Makeups and refunds are currently unavailable.

If students cannot make a certain number of classes within a month or semester because of previous engagements or serious emergency, parents can contact Miles. 

Classes are kept affordable to prevent occasional absences from being a barrier to continuous education. 


Students must have a smart phone, tablet or computer with zoom and email capabilities.

The only classes material needs are a sketchbook, pencil, and pen.

Student Work


Kieshaun, Mother

Started my daughter off here and haven't looked back since. Miles is a great teacher that caters to each of his students own style. Over the years he's taught her how to create art with several different mediums and exposed her to various techniques. His patience with the students is unmatched and he works hard to continually provide a positive and peaceful environment.  Whether you're considering classes for your child/teen or taking a weekend live study with the adults, you won't be disappointed. 

gregory, father

I went through several "art schools" in the Valley looking for best opportunity for my kids to learn. Unfortunately most of children's art instructions are taught by amateurs. Children copy pretty photos of landscapes, animals, or other "whimsical material".  Valley Art [Academy] stands out immediately. First of all it's professional artist guided. Kids deal with shades, perspective, values on serious level, yet in friendly and enjoyable environment.  My boys made more progress after one year in VAA than in five previous years in other art classes. As far as I know this workshop is the best place for young adults' after school art education in San Fernando Valley.

tobias, student

College-prep grad

School of Visual Arts, NY. 2014

I started my artistic path in earnest at Valley Art. There is simply not a more competent, approachable, and knowledgeable instructor than Miles Lewis. I was fortunate enough to take several years of classes touching on topics ranging from painting, copper etching, printmaking, digital layout/concept art, landscapes, still lives, and live model life drawing. I was introduced to styles and mediums that are abysmally lacking in school art programs.