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This location features:

 •A mixed media performance from Jalisco, Mexico

•An introduction the Ignite the MaTCH artist Krisztianna

•Artwork by John Galan

• Artwork by Quincy Clemons


Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

This mixed media presentation is meant to face the fact that we are not equal... Yet we don’t need to be equal to live and practice equity. Fellowship is present. To contrast each other is to compliment each other. To help each other is to be at peace with each other. These are concepts that sister cities Canoga Park and Taxco have been practicing for decades.


It is more difficult to find our differences than it is to find the beauty in our similarities.

Dancers: Rodrigo Carmona and Benedek Mendoza

Musician: Cesar de Alba

Camera: Loretto Iniguez



Nature, our nature.

Earth, or “the strongest element” as we say.


She nurtures,

easing the growth,

yet she does more than we may now.


Without her space,

“together” wouldn’t be a thing.

Not possible...


Without her distance, 

“apart” wouldn’t be a thing,

for she likes balance, which might we feel like a sting.

Balance, sisterhood, brotherhood, fellowship too.


Or “earths flip side element” As we say.


Earth nurtures, wind can destroy,

yet she can get you dirty,

his touch you’ll enjoy.


She, loves you any way.

He, allows, lifts the spores’ thin air ballet.


With no sympathy,

“apart” will remain a thing,

for to make balance,

we need not common things in between... 



Did you like the Ignite the MaTCH artwalk map, promo materials and drawings?  All the artwork for this event was created by Krisztianna.  To see more of her work, purchase prints and show support, give her a follow!


artwork by John Galan

Emerging International Artist John Galan resides in Ventura County California. His work focuses on the inextricable connection between humankind and natural world. Characteristics include: vibrant hues influenced by the artist’s Mexican heritage.  Galan’s paintings are symbolic, depicting personal memories and ideas including underlying themes & motifs of geographical location, seasons, weather, personality and culture.

“The Brush found my fingertips before I can remember anything else. Every time I paint, I am discovering a new part of me, an extension of myself which I can share with the world.”

Artwork by

Quincy Clemons

Unyenz (Quincy Clemons) is a LA-based artist known for an iconographic street style, based on Rasta roots.

Unyenz is an active member of the art community, well known for his role in shaping the Canoga Park Art Walk, which has featured hundreds of visual artists, musical performances, earth friendly vendors and more.

Most of Unyenz's work is acrylic on canvas but many pieces, such as "Ras Ganesh" on Corkboard, are painted on whatever materials were available when inspiration struck.

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