LD:4334.0003 By Douglas Bosley

LD:4334.0003 By Douglas Bosley

DETAIL: Mezzotint and Lithography on German Etch paper

Image Size: 12″ x 20″

Paper Size: 15.5” x 22”

Edition: 15

Artist signed and dated with VPS embossment

These are original prints: each image will vary slightly according to color and ink distribution.

This print will arrive unframed.
This image was produced in the Valley Print Studio's first artist’s residency, in July 2014.

Douglas develops his images around a futuristic narrative.

This piece is from a body of work exploring autonomous robots, called Auxons, in the Grand Range area of Colorado.

“LD:4334.0003″ depicts one of the smaller variety of semi-autonomous eight-limbed Auxons typically found in and around infrastructure making modifications and repairs. This one is holding a BRR crystal and attempting to
recognize its structure from the diffraction pattern.


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