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art to empower

Reseda Rising Mural Festival is the brainchild of 11:11 A Creative Collective and supported by Councilmember Bob Blumenfield and the Department of Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles. This fest will bring about 10 large scale murals to the neighborhood of Reseda as part of an effort to revitalize, stimulate the economy, beautify, and inspire connectivity.

the power of art


Art inspires comfort, connection, communication and culture. Humans have been creating art in public spaces for as long as we’ve existed; for the purpose of record keeping, but also as a means of creating community. Through the visual retelling of shared events, we find commonalities between individual perspectives.


Visual communication and public art allows us to see ourselves and our identities within a larger society, and find solace in our shared space. When our environments represent and reflect our experiences and our values, we feel safer, happier and healthier.

empower our people

Equality and justice for all

empower our planet

Environmental Advocacy


empower our legacy

Pride in Reseda’s history

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11:11 A Creative Collective is a woman-led non profit public art organization consulting firm that empowers creatives and communities through integrated and accessible arts programming while infusing local economies from the inside out. We act as a liaison between governmental agencies, private companies, and large-scale developments and local creatives by empowering creativity to tell the stories of our collective culture. We believe that the planning, design and management of public spaces should place the arts in the forefront, allowing for public space to be created with equitability and reflective of the value of its citizens.

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