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canoga park stage arts lab

We invite you to watch the video above to learn more about the newly established Canoga Park Stage Arts Lab and the upcoming renovation of the Madrid Theatre.

This location features:

 •A mini documentary about Ballet For All Kids

•A performance by Valley Opera & Performing Arts

•Artwork by Ariel Cohen



Film by Luke Lovell

Ballet For All Kids is a truly unique non-profit dance studio. Our cooperative program makes classical ballet and other dance styles accessible using The Schlachte Method - a certified curriculum developed to accommodate all learning styles, body types, and abilities.

At Ballet For All Kids, we know everybody has abilities that can be used as a springboard to learn new skills and enhance a personal sense of accomplishment. Unfortunately, many children cannot succeed in a traditional class setting and are thus excluded from the numerous benefits that dance classes offer. Our integral approach offers a less restrictive environment paired with individualized attention and support in order to help every student succeed.

Pop Art

Valley Opera

& performing arts

Shire Renee Thomas, Director/Soprano

Dylan F. Thomas, Artistic Director/Tenor

The birth of Valley Opera and Performing Arts (VOPA) has been a long time coming. After nearly fifteen years of creating glorious music and theater as Center Stage Opera, we decided that our company name should reflect all the musical genres we encompass: Opera, Musical Theater, Jazz, and even Rock ‘n Roll. We are most definitely still an opera company, and we remain committed to filling the need for classical vocal arts in the community. However, our love for music and theater extends beyond the classical arts into other musical genres as well. 


VOPA may be our new name, but our commitment to artistic excellence and community service remains the backbone of a company that has been presenting professional musical performances for almost fifteen years. By changing our name, we are renewing our commitment and connection to the Valley, and better representing the diversity of our programming.

artwork by

ariel cohen

I’m an artist and psychotherapist living in the San Fernando Valley. I paint what I know: the human experience. I hope you enjoy looking through my work. Feel free to reach out if you want to connect further.