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November 20, 2015

A reoccurring theme in healthy communities is safety, accessibility and beauty.

11:11 ACC’s Fill in the Blank Project, punning at filling in our blank walls, has the goal of beautifying neighborhoods with art that has meaning for the community, while at the same time employing and engaging young LA residents, giving them a constructive environment in which to express themselves.  In the last 3 years, 11:11 has facilitated at least 10 murals and  public art installations in our Valley neighborhoods, with a plan for up to 6 more in 2016. 


Public art is our modern day cave painting.  We believe that each community has a unique voice and with your help, 11:11 will continue its dedication to facilitating that voice through beautification with the arts.


Earlier this year, 11:11 ACC facilitated a 4 week after school program with RUTH Youth Build, a non profit community based organization that is committed to rebuilding communities by providing education, vocational training and social development.  During the month duration of the project, 3 lead artists guided students through conceptualizing ideas, creating a plan and sketch design, taught painting techiques and mentored students through the process of completing a 24 foot mural for their campus.


 The process, experience and completion of this project led to one of the lead artists guiding the program to obtaining a permanent position. They now have developed their own after school art program and are now looking to do an additional 6 murals in the Canoga Park neighborhood! 


"I had the opportunity to work with the students at R.U.T.H. Youthbuild  this past summer and I have to say, it was probably one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my career as an artist. We worked on a mural project created and developed by the students themselves and the results were outstanding! 11:11 facilitated the whole project for the school and it reminded me how valuable these types of programs are.

I had an emotional connection with it because these are the opportunities I wish I had growing up, trying to discover what outlets I could use to freely express myself. On top of that, I also connected with these students being that, for some of them, they've come from tough backgrounds or environments. I was placed in Foster care at a young age and I've lived in environments that were terrible.  I've experienced adverse situations, but art was always my outlet that kept me sane. I hope that those students, too, will find the experience to be just as rewarding and motivating as it was for me. It's one of the many reasons why I'm so happy 11:11 exists! I've connected with individuals I can relate to, and inspired individuals who share my same experiences."

Frankie Toruno, visual artist & lead artist on RUTH mural




Top left: Interactive public art installed in Reseda and Tarzana

Top right:  Mural created by Levi Ponce at Magnolia Science Academy in Reseda

Bottom: Mural by Brandon Sopinsky and David Zadjman in Reseda


11:11 ACC's newest and largest mural was just installed in neighborhood of Pacoima at the Pacoima Entrepreneur Center on Van Nuys & Telfair by the artist Germs.  Check out this video to see the progress and final materpiece!






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