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VAA currently offers 3 programs.

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Drawing & Painting

$140 per month

Wednesdays 4:30-6:30pm



College-Prep Track

$230 per month

Wednesdays 4:30-10pm

+ 1 Sunday per month

All Ages

À la Carte

Life Drawing &

Master Classes




School Format

VAA’s classes are professionally led fine art classes, designed to give individualized instruction to middle and high school students, who are looking to start their art practice, build on existing skills, or prepare their portfolio for college. Classes are structured like a classic artist's workshop. Artists of different ages and skill levels work alongside one another in the same two-hour course. 


Using this approach, students learn quickly, while maintaining excitement, and developing a personal voice to match their skills. The small class size and collaborative approach exposes students to different kinds of problem-solving and picture making, while being inspired and challenged by their classmates


The Academy also hosts general admission programming in the form of

 Life Drawing and Master Class Workshops.





Foundational Drawing Painting & Composition
$140 per month
Wednesdays 4:30-6:30pm

Students will learn, or improve on, their foundational drawing and painting skills, including sketching from observation and imagination, 3-D rendering, perspective, 2-D Design, character and concept development. Within 6 months to a year, new students can expect to have basic knowledge of a range of traditional mediums, acquaintance with the range of visual subjects (still life, portraiture, master study, imaginative illustration, etc.), and tools to translate their ideas into visual art.


College-Prep Track
$230 per month
Wednesdays 4:30-10pm* + 1 Sunday per month

The college prep track offers foundational instruction at an accelerated level. Students are given more complex assignments, homework and strict in-class timelines. Students can also expect routine evaluations of portfolio quality and professional objectives.


The college prep track includes:
-Foundational Drawing Painting & Composition class ( 2 hours per week)
-Free entry to 1 monthly master class (4 hours per month)
-Provided art kit from Carter Sexton ($50 value)
-Free entry to the instructed life drawing classes on Wednesday nights. (3 hours per week)*  

*Inclusion into the Life drawing class gives students the convenience of a day dedicated to comprehensive art education, from 4.30-10PM (with a dinner break, 6.30-7PM).   


À la Carte

Weekly Life Drawing

Wednesday 7-10pm
Featuring a nude model in twenty 1-minute, two 10-minute, one 20-minute, and one long pose to the end.
$15 uninstructed
$45 instructed- How to observe, draw and adapt the human figure in the medium of your choice.

Materials not provided.

Master Class Workshops
Every 1st Sunday 10am-2pm
$100 per class

Master classes and specialty workshops will occur monthly, with professionals from L.A. and beyond.

A list of some of our featured artists and designers:
Jason Shawn Alexander - Comics/Painting
Matt Levin - Creature/Concept Sculpture
Sean Ghobad - Production/Concept Painting/Illustration
Dave Crosland - Comics
John Sweeney - Concept Art and Environmental Design
Stephanie Inagaki - Fine Art Drawing
Nick Runge - Fine Art Watercolor

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The Academy is unique in its approach to youth and college-preparatory art education. It's the culmination of the long-running community educational relationship between 11:11 A Creative Collective and Director Miles Lewis' Valley Art Workshop. Our mission is to create deeply informed and confident visionaries, who shape the arts, entertainment, and beyond.  


In addition to a focus on fundamental drawing and design skills, we prioritize imaginative and critical thinking alongside a comprehensive approach to art education.

In-class work and assigned homework are individually programmed, with the understanding that the sooner young artists find their passion, the greater their practical skills and professional prospects.


Art is integral to society’s construction, beautification, and advancement. Each student is encouraged to find how their voice is important and worth sharing.


Miles Lewis

Director and Primary Instructor

An art teacher since the age of 17, Miles has taught hundreds of students of all ages, graduating dozens of high school seniors to art schools such as OTIS, CalArts, and the School of Visual Arts in NY. While producing commissioned works and exhibiting internationally, he’s taught a wide-range of media-specific classes in encaustic, egg tempera, analog photography, and printmaking through the Camera Obscura in Santa Monica, the Annenberg Space for Photography, and the Armory in Pasadena. 

Student Work


about Valley Art Academy

Kieshaun, Mother

Started my daughter off here and haven't looked back since. Miles is a great teacher that caters to each of his students own style. Over the years he's taught her how to create art with several different mediums and exposed her to various techniques. His patience with the students is unmatched and he works hard to continually provide a positive and peaceful environment.  Whether you're considering classes for your child/teen or taking a weekend live study with the adults, you won't be disappointed. 

gregory, father

I went through several "art schools" in the Valley looking for best opportunity for my kids to learn. Unfortunately most of children's art instructions are taught by amateurs. Children copy pretty photos of landscapes, animals, or other "whimsical material".  Valley Art [Academy] stands out immediately. First of all it's professional artist guided. Kids deal with shades, perspective, values on serious level, yet in friendly and enjoyable environment.  My boys made more progress after one year in VAA than in five previous years in other art classes. As far as I know this workshop is the best place for young adults' after school art education in San Fernando Valley.

tobias, student

College-prep grad

School of Visual Arts, NY. 2014

I started my artistic path in earnest at Valley Art. There is simply not a more competent, approachable, and knowledgeable instructor than Miles Lewis. I was fortunate enough to take several years of classes touching on topics ranging from painting, copper etching, printmaking, digital layout/concept art, landscapes, still lives, and live model life drawing. I was introduced to styles and mediums that are abysmally lacking in school art programs.