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design 1

"My design is centered around a California quail, the state bird and native to SoCal, as well as several native wildflowers so that students can learn to identify them. The bird and flowers are shaded against a deep blue sky, one of my favorite things about living in sunny CA."

design 2

design 3

This sketch is not in color like the others, but please refer to the artist's previous artwork examples as reference.


"This mural was created with the intent of telling a story of healing, self growth and empathetic discovery.

ON THE RIGHT: The sketch of the two students depicts self-empowered and mindful teens in harmony with world around them. They are impacted by their surroundings, while aware of how their actions are interconnected and impacting their environment. This mural depicts micro and macro environments- from fungus and bacteria to flora, fauna and the full biosphere, while also highlighting the elements that create our world such as carbon, oxygen and nitrogen.

ON THE LEFT: a gorgeous view of a thriving tropical biome with a rainbow thread weaving through the valley.  This represents the persistent and delicate connection of all elements through the natural world. 

The hope with this mural and all the details that will be found within it is to help foster the students' awareness of of how interconnected everything is- from the natural world, to the spiritual world, to mental health, sustainability and environmental advocacy. It's often difficult for teens to feel as though they have a place in this world and I hope this mural in their school allows them to feel connected and inspired to learn, love and heal alongside nature."

design 4

"This design is a visual metaphor for discovery, over coming obstacles, individual triumph, hardship, evolution, and growth of character. The scene depicts large cartoonish slopes and stairs haphazardly suspended in a vast desert landscape. A group of small individuals curiously gather and explore the scene, some in groups and others choosing their own path.


The vibrant color harmony is inspired by nature, in particular the Strelitzia flower and the intense colors of the bird of paradise. The illustration embraces curiosity of the unknown and the importance of imagination. It highlights a difficult and surprising path any one individual will face in the game of life. Another way of interpreting this would be as a visual jungle gym representing the invisible force of nature curating paths and dead ends for all the organisms on the planet. Some succeed and may have a easier route while others, who, to no fault of their own, will have a harder path to tread. "

design 5

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